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Below is a summary of the Tender documents, examples of which follow on:

Example 1: Invitation to Tender

A letter such as this with details of enclosures should be sent to potential suppliers. This letter may be used if there are a limited number of suppliers which the University has dealt with before. If there has been no pre-qualification process, or the suppliers are not known to the University, a Supplier Appraisal form should be sent with the tender papers (and accordingly be added to the list of attachments).

Example 2: Tender Acknowledgement Form

This is used to assist tendering firms to acknowledge receipt of the papers and indicate whether they intend to offer. The simplest way of doing this is to send out a "fax back" page as provided here.

Example 3: Instructions to Tenderers

This page is to be sent to ensure that there is a clear understanding of what the potential suppliers are required to do, and gives all tenderers the same set of basic rules to operate to.

Example 4: Form of Tender

This is a formal declaration of offer intended to be certified and returned by tenderers. In order to simplify comparison of bids a "schedule of requirements" may be appended to this form. This is just a means of breaking the tender into the component parts of the supply and expressing this in a tabular form with the intention of standardising the offer format.

Example 5: Supplier Appraisal Form

This may be used in a pre-qualification process or be issued with the tender documents. Potential suppliers are asked to provide information on financial position, scale of operation, areas of operation and relevant experience. For major purchases it is recommended that a qualified accountant examines the financial submissions before moving to final agreement and award of contract.

Example 6: Simple Contract

This may be used for the purchase of goods or services which require a clear definition of terms which may differ from those detailed in the General Conditions of Purchase of the University of Aberdeen.

Example 7: Record of Tender

Use as a check-list to record each stage of the tendering exercise.

If you have little or no experience of managing a formal tendering exercise please do not use these documents without contacting Gary McKinnon for advice or assistance.

Examples of Tender Documents

These documents can be downloaded in Word format by clicking here

Example 1: Invitation to Tender



Dear Sirs

Invitation to Tender

The University of Aberdeen invites offers for the supply of a #

Your tender must be submitted in compliance with the following documents which accompany this invitation to tender:-

1. Instructions to Tenderers

2. Form of Tender (including Certificate of Tender)

3. Specification of Requirements for a #

4. Contract Documents

It is the responsibility of the tenderers to ensure that offers are received (#where?) by 10.30hrs on #. Tenders received after this time shall not be considered, but shall be opened, recorded, marked "Late Tender" and returned to sender.

Please acknowledge receipt of this Invitation to Tender by sending a facsimile marked for the ##NAME/TITLE to 01224-27XXXX##, confirming whether you intend to offer.

Yours faithfully


Example 2: Tender Acknowledgement Form



University of Aberdeen

King's College


AB24 3FX

(YOUR fax no 01224 27XXXX)


Dear Sirs,

Re: Tender for:

- We acknowledge receipt of your Invitation to Tender package.

- We have received all of the documents listed in the Invitation to Tender without damage and in usable condition.

- We have read the Invitation to Tender and will tender in accordance with the requirements detailed.


- We do not wish to tender and accordingly return the complete Invitation to Tender package with this letter.

Yours faithfully,

For and on behalf of:


Example 3: Instructions to Tenderers

University of Aberdeen

Tender for:


1.Form of Tender

1.1 Tenders must be submitted with the enclosed Form of Tender, and must be supplemented by all other information and authorities requested in these Tender Documents.

1.2 Tenderers should note that all attachments and appendices to the Form of Tender shall upon award of Contract be deemed part of the Contract.

2.Submission of Tenders

2.1 The original Tender plus one copy must be submitted in a sealed package or envelope addressed as follows:


University of Aberdeen

Kings College


AB24 3FX

2.2 Your submission should also prominently display the following message: "TENDER FOR:### COMMERCIALLY CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT OPEN"

2.3 The name of the tendering firm must not appear on the envelope, nor must it be visible through the envelope.

2.4 The Tender must not arrive later than ##. The Tender shall be valid for acceptance for a period of 90 days from the date fixed for receipt of Tenders.

3.Award and Preparation Costs

3.1 The University reserves the right to award the contract for goods and services as detailed in this invitation as it sees fit, and may reject any or all of the Tenders received with no obligation to disclose its reasons.

3.2 The cost of Tender preparation shall be borne in full by the Tenderer, who shall have no recourse to the University for this or any related expense.

4.Currency, VAT and Summation

4.1 The currency of the Contract shall be UK Pounds, and costings shall be prepared on this basis.

4.2 All sums entered in the Tender are to be exclusive of VAT.

4.3 All costs which may be directly or indirectly related to the satisfactory completion of the Contract and for which remuneration would be sought shall be clearly detailed and summarised in your tender, or in accompanying paperwork. No other additional charges which could reasonably have been anticipated shall be accepted.

5.Delivery and Installation

5.1 The University is working to a target of site installation before ###.

5.2 This date may become critical and influence our selection; please consider this when calculating lead times. Please include a detailed schedule which you will implement in order to meet the site installation requirement.

5.3 Installation and acceptance protocols and procedures are to be provided.

5.4 Your offer must include all delivery and on-site installation costs including adequate insurances.

6.Proposed Sub-contractors

6.1 Details of proposed sub-contractors must be supplied, with associated workscopes.

7.Fitness for Purpose

7.1 The Tenderer shall be deemed to have reasonable knowledge of and satisfied itself as to the nature of the University's requirement, and any conditions which may affect its tender to supply, in order that the goods and related services offered shall be fit for purpose (see note 12, Contact for Queries).

8.Training and Documentation

8.1 Details of on/off-site training required for full local operation to be included, together with Proposals relating to how this should be funded.

8.2 Please detail user manuals and servicing documentation that will be provided to the University at no charge.

9.Equipment Lifetime Factors

9.1 A commitment is required that the tenderer will support this equipment throughout its lifetime. An estimate of the expected life of this product in normal working use is required.

9.2 Details of maintenance, servicing and breakdown costs including extended warranties are to be included.

9.3 Please include a list of consumables and parts liable to wear, their current costs, and the expected annual costs in normal working use.

10. Alternative Proposals

10.1 You may wish to submit Alternative Proposals which include preferential costings based on closer association of partner organisations, an innovative approach to the supply or alternative means of delivering best value for money.

10.2 Alternative Proposals must be clearly marked so, and be submitted as separate appendix to your main tender.

11.Change in Status of Tenderer

11.1 In the event that after the date of this Invitation to Tender and prior to the award of any Contract, the status or identity or circumstances of the Tenderer is changed in any material way, including but not limited to merger, amalgamation, take-over or any other reorganisation, change of name, or involvement in any action relating to receivership, liquidation, bankruptcy, winding-up or similar action, such change will be notified to the University immediately. Failure to comply with this may result in Tenderers being disqualified, or in the event of any award of Contract shall be deemed to be in breach of Contract.

12.Contact for Queries

12.1 All questions relating to the Tender Documents must be addressed in writing to ##NAME AND TITLE, fax number 01224-27XXXX##. Answers to technical queries shall be circulated as necessary.

12.2 The authorised contact for this Tender is ##NAME## and in no circumstances should the substance of these documents be discussed with any other member of the University without the specific written agreement of the authorised contact.

Please note : The University of Aberdeen reserves the right to refuse a Tender which has not been submitted in accordance with the instructions detailed here.

Example 4: Form of Tender


The University of Aberdeen

Kings College


AB24 3FX

For the attention of ###

Dear Sirs

Tender for :

Having carefully examined the subject Invitation to Tender dated # and the documents detailed therein:-

1. We confirm that we have fully satisfied ourselves as to the nature of the requirements of the University.

2. We hereby offer to supply the goods and related services in accordance with your Invitation to Tender and its enclosures as follows:

2.1 Instructions to Tenderers

2.2 Form of Tender (including Certificate of Tender)

2.3 Specification of Requirements for a #

3. In the event that our Tender is accepted we undertake to execute a formal contract with the University of Aberdeen embodying all of the terms and conditions contained within this offer. Unless and until a formal agreement is executed, this Tender together with the University's written or telefaxed acceptance shall constitute a binding Contract between us.

4. We agree to abide by our Tender for a period of 90 days fixed from the lodgement date of tenders, and it shall be binding upon us at any time before expiration of that period.

5. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any Tender received, nor assign a reason for the rejection of any Tender. We accept that any costs incurred in Tender preparation are for our own account.

6. We understand that this shall be deemed to be our only and final offer, and unsolicited re-tenders shall not be considered.

7. We confirm that the person whose signature is appended to this Tender is a duly authorised signatory of our Company and has full and formal legal authority to sign this Tender on behalf of our Company.

8. We understand that if our Tender is accepted we shall be reimbursed for the goods and services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract to be executed between us.

Certificate of Tender and Authorisations

9. Certificate of Tender

We certify that this is a bona fide Tender, intended to be competitive, and that we have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the Tender in accordance with any other person, body or association.

10. Authorisation

Signed :


Name (Print) :


Title :


For and on behalf of :


Date :


Full address, including postal code, to which all communications relating to this Tender should be despatched:







Telephone Number : -------------------------------------------

Facsimile Number : -------------------------------------------

11.List of Documents Included with Form of Tender:

Example 5: Supplier Appraisal Form

University of Aberdeen


Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS or typescript.


Full Name

Full Address

Post Code

Telephone No.

Fax No. E-mail No.

Address of Headquarters (if different from above)

Telephone No.

Fax No. E-mail No.

Date your company was formed:

Type of company

Incorporated o Partnership o Sole Trader o

Other (please specify)


Describe briefly the range of goods supplied by your company:

Give brief details of the areas in which your company specialises:

How many people does your company employ? Permanent staff:

Contract staff:


Turnover in each of




the last three years:

Will you authorise us to obtain bank references if required? YES / NO

Name and address of your company's bankers:

Please attach a copy of the audited accounts for each of the last two years.

If audited accounts are not available please state why in the box below and attach any relevant financial information which is available.

Of what professional and/or trade associations, if any, is your company a member?

Does your firm have a nationally recognised quality monitoring system in place? If so, please provide details.


Who are your major customers? May we seek references? YES / NO

Company Contact Name Telephone No.

Which other universities have you supplied goods/services to, and when?

University Supply Date Contact Name Telephone No.

Describe any supplies undertaken during the past two years which may be relevant to the proposed University of Aberdeen supply:

Any other information you wish to provide and/or list of documents you have attached:

Signed for the Company ................................................................

Name (block letters) ....................................................... Date ..................

Designation/Title ...........................................................

Example 6: Simple Contract


For the supply of


The University of Aberdeen


Contract Reference:



Contract for the Supply of:

AGREEMENT made as of this day of 2005, by and between # having its principal office at # (hereinafter called the "Contractor"), and the University of Aberdeen, having its principal office at King's College, Aberdeen, AB24 3FX (hereinafter called the "University").

The Contractor wishes to provide a # to the University, and the University wishes to purchase a # from the Contractor, all as more particularly described in the documents incorporated here.

It is hereby agreed as follows:

The Contract shall incorporate:

Section 1: Form of Agreement

Section 2: Articles of Agreement and Price

Section 3: Specification of Requirements

Section 4: The University General Conditions of Purchase

All of which shall be read as one document.

In case of conflicting statements the order of precedence is:

This Contract

The University of Aberdeen General Conditions of Purchase

The Contractor's response to the invitation to tender

The Contractor's representative shall be #, telephone number: #, facsimile number: #.

The University's representative shall be # telephone number: 01224 27#, facsimile number: 01224 27#.

The supplies shall be as described in Section 2: Specification of Requirements.

The Contractor shall provide the supplies to the University in accordance with Section 2: Articles of Agreement and Price.

The University shall pay the Contractor the price in accordance with section 2: Articles of Agreement and Price.

Signed for and witnessed on behalf of Signed for and witnessed on behalf of

the Contractor the University of Aberdeen

Signed: Signed:

-------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Witness: Witness:

--------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

at: at:

------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Date: Date:

----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Section 2: Articles of Agreement and Price

Items to be Supplied

The items to be supplied are those listed as Items # of Appendix A to the Form of Tender submitted by the Contractor on # (a copy of which is attached to this Section as Annex 1).


The Price shall be # as detailed in Clause # of Appendix A to the Form of Tender submitted by the Contractor, that is #. The Price is Carriage and Insurance Paid to the delivery address detailed.


a. Delivery of all items shall be made to the following address:


b. Delivery is required by #. Time is of the essence.


The Contractor shall provide all reasonable instructions, assistance and training to enable the University to install and set up the items in working order immediately after delivery. There shall be no charge made by the Contractor for this service.

Warranty and Maintenance Arrangements

a. The manufacturer's warranty shall apply to all items for a period of 12 months from the date of installation.

b. For a period of # months following expiry of the manufacturer's warranty the Contractor shall provide an additional warranty covering [labour and travel costs?] and providing [two service visits?] in each 12 month period. The cost of this warranty and service is included in the Price.

c. With effect from the expiry of the additional warranty and service referred to in note 5b the Contractor shall offer the University an annual maintenance contract on the terms set out in Annex 2 to this section at a cost of # a year. Payment shall be made within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice following each service visit. This offer shall remain open and continuous for not less than # years from the date of expiry of the extended warranty and service referred to in note 5b.

Value Added Tax

The prices contained herein shall exclude Value Added Tax. The University will pay VAT/claim exemption in accordance with UK Government regulations.

Terms and Conditions (including Payment)

All other Terms and Conditions set out in Section 4 University of Aberdeen General Conditions of Purchase shall apply to this Contract, except that any terms or conditions contained in Section 1 Form of Agreement, or in Section 2 Articles of Agreement and Price, which differ from those in Section 4 shall take precedence.

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